Dickson County sheriff candidates Q&A


Early voting begins Wednesday and registered voters can begin casting their ballots for the next Dickson County sheriff, an elected position that opened following Jeff Bledsoe’s resignation in June. 

Early voting continues through Oct. 29. Election Day is Nov. 3. 

Bledsoe left the county sheriff role after nearly a decade to accept his current job as executive director of the Tennessee Sheriff’s Association. 

Jerone Holt, who served as chief deputy under Bledsoe, was named interim sheriff until after the election outcome. 

The sheriff candidates were asked to provide answers to three questions. The candidates for the position are Jeff Alexander, Tim Eads, Jerone Holt, Kenneth McCallister and Jeremy Wall. 

The following are the questions and answers provided by the candidates. Each was given a 400-word limit for their answers. 


Why do you feel you are a strong candidate for Dickson County Sheriff?

As my law enforcement career has progressed over the years, so has my training, knowledge and experience. I began in 1995 as a Correctional Officer for the Tennessee Department of Corrections, then became a State Trooper for the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and I now serve as a Detective for Spring Hill Police Department. I have held positions as a supervisor, instructor, mentor and peer support leader. I know the importance of investing in the men and women that work with me. I have benefited from qualified, modern training and I will make sure the Sheriff’s Department has a focus on training at all levels.

My heart for the community shows in the community service programs I have started and support currently.

I am the president and founder of the Spring Hill Knight Foundation, a non-profit which supports first responders and their families with funding for training, equipment, and peer support. I’m a founding member of the Tennessee Disaster Mental Health Strike Team which provides critical stress management for first responders and the community.        

What do you feel are the most significant issues (if any) facing Dickson County and why?

The question I have received the most while speaking with our community is what I’m going to do about the drug issue. 

I believe increased communication and coordination between the various agencies serving the community is the first step. I will meet with other agency leaders to build the proper relationships. We have to work together in one coordinated effort. Next, there has to be support for drug court at every level and I will do my part. I will need the support of the community as a whole to make the true impact on this issue. Another issue facing Dickson County is suicide. Dickson County is listed 25th out of the 95 counties for suicide rate, according to the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network. As an instructor in two different suicide intervention courses, I will provide training to the Sheriff’s Department, our schools and the community.

What else do you think is important for voters to know about you?

As Sheriff I will bring proven, professional leadership to the position with fair and just enforcement of laws. I will protect the children and teachers in our schools by investing in our School Resource Officers. By encouraging citizen input on public safety initiatives and building community outreach programs, we can come together for a safer community. 

Feel free to call me with questions or more information about the programs mentioned above at 615-417-9637. 


Why do you feel you are a strong candidate for Dickson County Sheriff? 

I am a 33-year Veteran of law enforcement. I spent my first 19 years serving the people of Dickson County at the Sheriff’s Office. During that time I had the opportunity to serve in all the different divisions of the Sheriff’s Office. Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Jail Operations, Chief Deputy and certified instructor assisting the Training Division. 

The last 14 years I have served as the Chief of Police for the City of Belle Meade. I believe I have the right experience to lead the Sheriff’s Office and serve the people of Dickson County from day one. I have a good reputation of working with staff and the customers of law enforcement. 

What do you feel are the most significant issues (if any) facing Dickson County and why?

While I have been out in the community campaigning a big concern that has been coming up is drugs and the impact they are having on our community. I will be committed to having a strong enforcement program to combat this issue along with being supportive of rehabilitation and recovery programs. 2nd Amendment and the protection of it. I am very strong on the 2nd Amendment and I will fiercely defend it. I would be supportive of a good highway safety and education program. The ability to recruit and retain personnel is vital to the excellent operations of the Sheriff’s Office.

What else do you think is important for voters to know about you? 

I am a lifelong Dickson County resident. I have a love for this community and want to serve the community I live in. I raised my family here and I chose to stay here when I went to work for Belle Meade. I am a graduate of the FBI National Academy class 219 and have an excellent reputation of being a strong leader that supports the people I work with. I believe in delivering excellent customer service to the community we serve. I pledge to be available to all residents of Dickson County and will have an open door to the community. I am a coalition builder and work very hard to establish and maintain excellent working relationships with everyone we serve.


Why do you feel you are a strong candidate for Dickson County Sheriff?

Proudly, I am the only candidate with a military background, having voluntarily enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1983.

I have served my country and my county proudly for 38 years.

I completed the New Sheriff’s School in 2010, along with former Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe.

I have completed many leadership courses under the instruction of FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association, Tennessee Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar.

I am a 2013 graduate of Leadership Dickson County.

I was appointed by former Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe to serve as second in command, as Chief Deputy for the past 10 years.

What do you feel are the most significant issues (if any) facing Dickson County and why?


Dickson County is at an epidemic stage when it comes to drugs. With drug overdoses at an all time high, I pledge to put more emphasis toward this problem.

Mental Health:

We need to do a much better job when dealing with mentally unstable citizens. I feel jail is not the answer. I will continue to work with state agencies to find and develop better ways to assist those with mental health issues.

What else do you think is important for voters to know about you?

I pledge to work harder at strengthening the relationship between the public and law enforcement, by providing a fair and selfless service to the citizens and visitors of Dickson County, while improving our quality of life.

Today I am asking you for your vote for Sheriff of Dickson County.


Why do you feel you are a strong candidate for DC Sheriff?

As a life-long Dickson County resident, my background includes successfully managing my own business for 20+ years. I organized and managed youth sports for 11 different counties for 25 years. Through these experiences, I directed and managed employees and was able to work closely with the community on a daily basis. I have spent the last 15 years in law enforcement primarily working in narcotics and I am currently a detective with the criminal investigation unit. Throughout my law enforcement career, I have obtained extensive training and certifications through the FEMA, FBI, state and local agencies in different areas of law enforcement.

I feel I am a strong Sheriff candidate because I am not a politician, I am a people person that cares about our community. I will not be a behind the desk Sheriff. I will be a working sheriff because in my opinion that is what this county needs.

What do you feel are the most significant issues (if any) facing Dickson Co and why?

I think the number one problem right now in this county is drugs and most crimes can be tied back to drugs. There are people dying from over doses on a daily basis and we need to curve that by targeting high crime areas. I feel we need to have more community outreach and resources for recovery.

The community has concerns that agencies across the county have discrepancies which can cause issues. Through leadership and teamwork, I will build strong working relationships with all the agencies across the county that will benefit the community as a whole.

What else do you think is important for voters to know about you?

I will work hard for this county. I will have an open door policy for any citizen of the county that wants to voice their concerns. I will have positive and successful working relationships with other departments within the county. Through teamwork, I will make sure every employee of the DCSO knows they are appreciated and needed. As Sheriff, I will uphold the community’s constitutional rights. But most of all, I will do whatever it takes to protect every citizen of Dickson County. Under my leadership, we will make Dickson County a safe community for our kids and families to enjoy.

Jeremy Wall

Why do you feel you are a strong candidate for Dickson County Sheriff?

I have been actively involved in Dickson County for the past 21+ years.  I’ve spent many days and nights on the ball field coaching our future and enjoyed every minute of it.  I’ve volunteered many hours with community fundraisers and projects which I felt was my responsibility as a citizen, not just as a candidate for sheriff.   I am active with my local church, which is first in my life.  I do not agree with only being in the “spotlight” during the few months of a campaign and then never being seen till the next campaign.  I have earned the respect of many people in the community and law enforcement and I ask that the trust and confidence you have had in me for the past 17+ years as an officer (12+ years as SRO), that you will give me the opportunity to extend that to the entire county in the capacity of sheriff of Dickson County.

What do you feel are the significant issues (if any) facing Dickson County and why?

1. Lack of deputies protecting our great county. There are many days/nights where only 4 deputies are serving and protecting our county. This is not fair to the county, nor the deputies!  This affects our opportunity to fight drugs and work traffic enforcement issues.  2. School Resource Officers are of great importance. The County Commission viewed it a priority over two years ago and allocated the funds to have SROs in all the schools and still today there is a school without a deputy. If it is a top priority, then treat it like a top priority! Manpower is not a valid excuse!  We need to find out why deputies are leaving DCSO and so few are applying.  3. Communication is lacking between law enforcement and the community.  Why don’t we have town hall meetings regularly rather than just during a campaign season? You elect me to be your sheriff and I should be available to you when you need me. Ask yourself, prior to this campaign, when was the last time you saw or talked to your sheriff or his chief deputy?   

What else do you think it is important for voters to know about you?

I’m a Christian! We should display that in how we talk and conduct ourselves. if Christian leadership is not your priority, then I’m not your sheriff. Consider a quote from an unknown author, “Leadership is not a position, it’s an action.” Being sheriff is not just in the position, it’s the true person wearing the badge.  Good leadership equals good morals. I’m happily married to my ONE and ONLY, Jennifer England Wall for 20 years this month. We have 4 children; Colin, Madelyn, Isaac, and Natalie.   

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