Data is Crucial to Driving Innovations in Health and Wellness for Individuals and the Economy

Key insights supported by Acxiom, McCann Health, Veeva Crossix and other collaborators

Acxiom®, the customer intelligence company whose data-driven solutions create business growth by enabling better customer experiences, today announced the completion of its latest analysis of key trends showing how data can be used for good to improve the overall health and wellness of society. This new project, in collaboration with McCann Health, Stanford Healthcare Innovation Lab and Veeva Crossix, highlights how consumer data insights can optimize the entire field of healthcare and improve diagnostics, therapy, development of personalized medicines and overall better health experiences.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed, the ability to understand and bring together health data with consumer data is essential to both the overall health and economic wellness of society. By bringing together different datasets, using de-identification and privacy-by-design techniques, the opportunities to make significant health and wellness impact are endless. From new epidemiological models of disease risk and prevention, to determining new social determinants of health that were previously undetectable, the impact is not just on an industry but public health overall. By using data analytics, health and wellness providers can identify patterns and extract key insights to better understand, reach and engage their intended health audiences at all stages in the patient journey.

“Digital transformation across all sectors has accelerated in the last six months, representing a new and lasting shift in how society will approach multiple aspects of life, especially our health,” said Chad Engelgau, Acxiom CEO. “By carefully breaking down silos across the industry, ethically cultivating the plethora of data, and utilizing advanced analytics, better health outcomes and improved social change are inevitable and beneficial to all.”

The goal of healthcare brands is to improve data quality to deliver the right treatment to the right patient in the right context at the right time. In fact, using data to improve health outcomes is nothing new, as the health sector has been using data for more than a century to help benefit society. According to a recent Acxiom consumer research study, people are more inclined to share their health data when the value to society is clear and handled carefully.

“With more people willing to share their data, we have the potential to solve health crises and help individuals live longer, healthier lives,” said John Cahill, Global CEO for McCann Health. “Using data for good can have a powerful impact on the healthcare industry for many years to come as we help provide unprecedented engagement and care, leading to better patient outcomes and lower health costs.”

As we enter this new era of healthcare, the explosion of data is projected to continue to grow, making it critical to properly and safely collect, connect and analyze this data in the right way. Technology that connects health and non-health data should be purpose-built to protect individual privacy and exceed HIPAA requirements.

“Health is life, and the intimacy of health-related data means we must be intimately knowledgeable about how and under what context the data was collected, as well as transparent about how it will be used,” said Bryan Donovan, vice president of data strategy and acquisition at Acxiom. “Ethical data use is not only viable, it can and should be the standard. Acxiom has a history of ethical data use for more than 50 years, and we believe privacy impact assessments are a best practice in the industry and a crucial tool to help investigate the goals, approach and potential risks or consequences to any proposed data use case. They should be used by every organization using health-related data to engage people.”

Acxiom will present their insights at an upcoming session for Advertising Week on Oct. 7 at 12 p.m. ET. Guest speakers will include Hilary Gentile, global chief strategy officer at McCann Health; Benjamin Rolnik, director of Stanford Healthcare Innovation Lab; and Sarah Caldwell, general manager for Crossix Analytics. To learn more about this topic, visit

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