Dance your way to better health


Dancing is something people from all over the world enjoy.

Aside from the fun of letting go and grooving to the music, there are many health benefits that go along with this activity like weight loss, lowered blood pressure and circulation.

But cardiologist says there is one health benefit that helps the entire body.

“Make those hips gyrate a little. One of the best reasons to raise your heart rate and exercise. I put dance as an exercise is actually brain health,” says Dr. Kahn.

Retired teacher, Jo Jo Perkin started taking dance lessons about a year ago after a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosis.

“I began dancing as therapy. It was recommended to me, because it was something I always wanted to do, ” says Perkin.

Perkin enjoys dancing so much she’s started organizing and hosting dances to share her passion with the community.

She says she gets so much out of it including one of the most basic needs humans have to feel connected to each other.

“You know how they’ve done studies on hugging. You’re getting the equivalent to a hug when you’re dancing on top of getting the activity and physical connection with people,” says Perkin.

Dr. Kahn says the activity is something he always encourages his patients to partake in as often as they can.

“Get up do the twist, do a waltz. Do the craziest dance you can,” says Dr. Kahn.

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