Christian Fletcher’s Atlanta-Based LifeBrite Medical Laboratory is Introducing Annual Health Screening Programs to Promote Well-Being

ATLANTA, Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Medical laboratories are critical role players in bringing light to a patient’s diagnosis and contributing information derived from test reports to help physicians impeccably treat their patients. Being one of the leaders in the healthcare industry, Christian Fletcher, LifeBrite’s CEO, is introducing several healthcare programs to improve women’s health. It is believed that by using sophisticated instruments and technology to perform laboratory testing and analysis on human specimens, physicians can obtain illimitable benefits.

Lab testing beset such control as hematology, immunohematology, immunology, microbiology, clinical chemistry and molecular biology. Since women are susceptible to diseases like heart attacks, thyroid problems, bacterial diseases, Fletcher has integrated the lab with algorithmic testing procedures to ensure high-end precision. Furthermore, LifeBrite is organizing annual healthcare screening programs for women to help them avoid various ailments.

This annual health screening program includes heart and lung screening, neurological screening and overall body screening, which further mitigates the risk of various ailments. LifeBrite professionals obtain authentic data, which is invaluable to assist physicians in detecting conditions such as heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, infectious mononucleosis and the detection of bacteria or viruses that causes those infections. Furthermore, they ensure the quality of the test results by consulting other professionals in the healthcare field.

Atlanta-based LifeBrite Lab, founded by Christian Fletcher, is one of the eminent customer-centered research facilities across the country. The lab is profoundly dedicated to giving instant and precise test results. They provide unbiased lab solutions for the effective prevention of some of the most spiteful health issues, and they enhance the positive responses of patients.

In order to maintain the world-class standard in the healthcare industry, LifeBrite has always stressed upon hiring only the most experienced individuals in the medical industry. According to Christian Fletcher, the medical laboratory professionals carry more than one degree in their area of education. There are two divisions among these professionals: medical laboratory scientists and medical laboratory technicians.

According to Christian Fletcher, LifeBrite’s CEO, “I think LifeBrite stands out for several reasons. First is the continuous evolution and integration we’re embarking upon. Instead of being characterized singularly as ‘a rural hospital’ or ‘a medical laboratory company,’ we’re fighting fragmentation by building our own healthcare ecosystem to consolidate service lines. Our goal is to one day be one entity that cares for all needs of all patients. I also truly believe LifeBrite has some of the best physicians, technologists, and overall talent in the industry. We’ve won several clinical-based awards and undertake conservative, ethical practices that have ensured our ability to deliver a quality product.”  This simply indicates that the lab will make an impeccable impact in the entire healthcare industry in the years to come.

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