Bulk-up Your Shoulders, Back, Legs and Biceps with One Kettlebell Exercise

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Yes, lockdown was meant to be the excuse you needed to stay at home and focus on yourself. But we’d bet that, like most of us, despite your early enthusiasm, stocking your home gym and tuning into Instagram Live workouts, you’re still not quite the Adonis you hoped to be.

a group of people wearing costumes: The Kettlebell Two-hands Anyhow combines curls and a shoulder burn with deep-squat mobility. You’ve got it all to gain

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The Kettlebell Two-hands Anyhow combines curls and a shoulder burn with deep-squat mobility. You’ve got it all to gain

Fear not – the “kettlebell two-hands anyhow” fuses a biceps curl with the functional deep squats that you need to ensure that mobility and total-body strength are not sacrificed on the altar of T-shirt muscle.

“With the anyhow, everything works through the whole range of motion,” explains Men’s Health fitness editor Andrew Tracey. “Your shoulders, back, legs, biceps – your entire body has to maintain tension throughout the rep.

“Think of each cycle as an individual rep,” he continues. “Aim for quality: I do six or seven reps in 10 minutes, for example.” Each cycle should last for 30-40 seconds. Try three savage, 10-minute sets of this a week and you can expect measurable muscle gain in a month. This is your big ticket.

Stand Tall

Start with your feet at shoulder width, your knees soft and a kettlebell in each hand at shoulder height. Press the weight in your left hand.

Sinking Feeling

Keep your eye on the kettlebell above you and sink into a deep squat, slowly. Watching the weight helps to bring your body down in an upright position.

Arm Yourself

Stay in a squat, your feet flat on the floor. With your left hand still extended, lower the kettlebell in your right, then curl it back up to your shoulder.

Round Again

Stand up, keeping your hand extended overhead. Lower it slowly, press up with your right and repeat on the opposite side for your first cycle.

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