Brain Wellness and Addiction Expert Professor Dr. Bankole Johnson’s “Six Rings” Book 1 Available Now on Amazon

MIAMI, Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Brain wellness and addiction expert Professor Dr. Bankole Johnsonhas released the first of his trilogy of books, entitled “Six Rings.” The series is interested in analyzing the complexities of the brain, and how to maintain it in optimum health through compelling narratives that are as engaging as they are educational. The first book is available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback and audiobook forms, in both English and Spanish. Link to purchase here.

As a whole, “Six Rings” portrays Johnson’s PREPARE method, an integrated treatment approach to optimizing brain function and treating addiction. The PREPARE method is powerfully organized yet individualized and intimately intertwined to maximize the treatment benefit of each patient.

In “Six Rings,” Johnson’s vast knowledge of the brain comes to life through allegorical stories that are composites of his past experiences and fictionalized characters, providing insights that aid in the understanding of how psychological and physiological factors affect its health and optimum performance.

In the first book, the reader meets Bastian Jackson, a whip-smart, deeply intuitive doctor with an incisive mind that questions the different mental ailments that assail humans. Bastian wrestles with his own perspectives, working out how this impacts others, and uses it for the benefit of his clients.  It’s a foothold into the process of brain recovery following the excessive use of substances, which unfolds in the second book. Throughout “Six Rings,” illustrations, paintings, and music are used to set the tone for each chapter, and to inject mood and atmosphere into the allegorical stories.

“Six Rings” is an attempt to bridge the gap between an educated lay and professional audience in the understanding of brain wellness, how to maintain it, and the perturbations that can occur with excessive alcohol and substance use. Through engaging storytelling, the books invite the reader, ever deeper, into an understanding of neuroscience, brain wellness, and addictive behaviors. Johnson hopes that readers will enjoy the stories and that they evoke a curiosity to learn more, and above all, understand the rich complexity of optimizing the brain and treating diseases that can afflict it.

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