Boston-area Woman Owned VUE Health Wins Medical Marketing + Media (MM&M) Magazine Award for Second Year | News

BOSTON, Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Boston-based VUE Health was the proud recipient of the Gold award for Orphan Product Marketing Initiative for the “Escape the Castle” campaign they created for EUSA Pharma at this past Thursday’s MM&M Awards (

This award, which recognizes best-in-class industry advertising and marketing strategy and executions within the pharmaceutical industry, was held virtually due to COVID-19; however, the VUE team was able to bring people together in a socially responsible way via micro-parties to celebrate as a team. As a woman-owned business, they are proud to support several women-owned businesses that have been hit particularly hard due to the pandemic, including Viga Social Catering, Corinthian Events, Sweetbay Florist and East Coast Primped.

Kathryn Wilson, CEO of VUE Health, said, “It was important to me to bring some light into this year. The team worked really hard on this fantastic initiative and I wanted to celebrate that. But I also know it has been a really hard year for everyone, so I wanted to find a way to support the hard-working women that have been fighting to keep people employed. The night was a success on all fronts.”

Glenn Britland, Executive Creative Director said, “This was a true team effort. Jimmy Adtani and Rachel Margolis really did some amazing work to help us pull this off. A lot of people thought we were crazy, but I knew this was so on strategy and we had the creative chops to do it. Now our peers have validated it.”

This is the second time in a row that just four-year-old VUE Health has been honored with an MM&M award. “This will never get old,” said Vikram Kanda, Partner and Chief Medical Strategist. “It will always be a highlight of the year and such an honor.”

VUE would like to extend gratitude to MM&M for holding this event and making it fun and exciting for all.

About VUE Health: VUE Health is a solutions agency that is dedicated to the pharmaceutical and biotech space. We approach everything we do from a unique point of VUE—and a big part of that is that everything starts with scientific research and medical insight. From there, it’s all about how best to find, connect, and move the audience to achieve the brand’s goals. We have experience working across all therapeutic areas, but what truly excites us are the unique challenges that each brand faces. We combine the science with a healthy dose of commercial strategy and award-winning creative to create a recipe that is unique for each brand. From peer-to-peer communication to launch campaigns—and everything in between—our approach allows us to deliver measurable results.

About EUSA Pharma: As a young, specialty pharmaceutical company with a global reach, EUSA Pharma is committed to deliver solutions that can have a meaningful effect on life, helping patients across a range of therapy areas. We are continuously looking for new opportunities to confront current gaps in patient care. Our ambition and entrepreneurial culture drive us to explore, acquire and in-license products that we believe can bring about real change for patients.

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About the Award Entry:

EUSA Pharma and VUE Health 

Escape the Castle

Even for rare diseases, idiopathic multicentric Castleman disease (iMCD) is unusual, with fewer than 1,000 people diagnosed in the U.S. each year. To educate providers about the disease and how Sylvant can help, the team came up with an idea one participant said was “more fun than a trip to Universal Studios.”

In a play on the disease’s name, it built a castle at the 2019 annual Meeting & Exposition of the American Society of Hematology, turning it into an Escape Room game. Because the disease is so difficult to diagnose — it mimics cancer as well as some autoimmune diseases — providers had to pass three hurdles, gaining clues from a patient report, a jigsaw puzzle and a microscope challenge.

While the gamification was plenty of fun, it also drove home the severe nature of iMCD, which is typically misdiagnosed and treated ineffectively. The team realized that while specialists constantly get presentations and webinars from pharma companies on disease states, it’s usually not until a patient has a problem. This booth was designed to attract attention to the condition immediately.

Our judges liked the clever take on the disease name, “and finding a creative way to pull that into the campaign. The team also combined experiential learning and gamification in a way that was challenging and fun. Breaking through the noise at a congress is really hard, so this is impressive.”

Over three days, 163 participants went through the experience, spending an average of nine minutes in the escape room. But more importantly, people stayed to engage with the Sylvant sales force for an average of seven minutes after the experience. 

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