Bloom 206 Prioritizes Mental Health and Wellness

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In this time of remote learning, virtual classrooms, and a completely new way to receive an education, Bloom Township High School District 206 has put the mental, social and emotional well-being of students at the forefront.

The 2020-2021 school year started with a series of virtual parent and student events that have helped support the overall well being of students. This included guiding families through a clear understanding of remote learning, hosting parent-teacher engagement opportunities, and providing a Journey to College Night for our seniors.

In addition to these supports, teachers are facilitating live remote instruction from their classrooms, which provides consistent teacher to student interface, where the social and emotional needs of students can be assessed. Finally, families can seek support as needed through the growing well of mental health and wellness resources that are shared with our students and families.

“As a district that serves a beautifully diverse community of students and families, it is important that we understand that not everyone is equipped to navigate this challenging new landscape,” Superintendent Dr. Lenell Navarre said. “Parents and guardians are having to stretch to support the learners in their homes, and students are having to learn in an unusual and sometimes overwhelming way. That’s why we are constantly growing our support network and engaging in constant dialogue with families to ensure the support is there.”

The school district also seeks to build consistency and continued engagement by moving forward with virtual iterations of key annual events that engage students and parents, such as Manufacturing Day and Parent University.

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