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The first BinSina pharmacy opened doors in 1965 to address growing healthcare needs of the UAE
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From a humble pharmacy in Dubai’s Naser Square to a chain of more than 120 stores that promise quality healthcare to people across the UAE, BinSina, Dubai’s first-ever licensed pharmacy completes 55 years of operations this year. The first BinSina pharmacy opened its doors in 1965 with the aim to address growing healthcare needs of a young nation. Today the superbrand prides itself in being in the frontline, addressing concerns and queries of residents, and remaining just as committed in a socially-distanced world during the pandemic.

“We are very proud of the many contributions that BinSina has made to the healthcare environment in the UAE and greatly value the importance of healthcare access for all. As we prepare for our dynamic period of expansion on our 55th anniversary, we dedicate ourselves to promoting a healthy lifestyle across the region. Our ambition is to grow our offline digital business across GCC. We plan to be with our customers wherever they are to acquire their trust and loyalty,” says Soufiyan Shemisa, Head of Customer.

Diversified offerings

Over the years, BinSina has diversified its presence through multiple platforms, namely its hotline 800-BinSina, an e-commerce website and BinSina app, granting customers instant access to a strong support system. At the start of Covid-19, BinSina launched numerous initiatives to help keep residents safe, reiterating its support to the community. These include distribution of health and safety items, such as gloves, face masks, hand sanitisers and vitamin C supplements to various government institutions.

The healthcare retailer joined forces with the Department of Health of Abu Dhabi (DOH) and the Ministry of Health (MOHAP) to launch a medicine home-delivery service in the emirate and made the conscious decision to ensure no price rises during this time, despite severe supply shortages.

During Covid-19, BinSina has also partnered with UAE-based health provider TruDoc 24/7 to offer residents round-the-clock access to medical consultation and services across all platforms, says Shemisa. “This has offered residents instant access to licenced healthcare professionals and opportunity to receive medical advice for non-emergency conditions from the safety of their own homes,” he adds.

BinSina Pharmacy has embraced CSR initiatives, giving back to the community through initiatives, such as blood donations, fundraisers, providing food for the less fortunate during Ramadan and supporting breast cancer,diabetes, and autism.

The BinSina team has extensive customer service training
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Strong Arab values

“Customers approach us at the time of need and we never say no. Our Arab values inspire us to look after the needs of people in unfortunate situations,” explains Shemisa. Every member of the BinSina team has extensive customer service training and is knowledgeable about products being offered at BinSina. They understand the importance of empathy and care. “We are always available for our customers. The key to well-being is making sure people feel healthy on the inside and beautiful on the outside. Our pharmacists are highly trusted to advise customers and listen to their concerns. We make sure that the team is updated with recent health education and policies that makes them qualified for high-quality counselling to patients. Some of our stores have a 24-hour accessibility,” he adds.

New initiatives

Talking about BinSina’s new initiatives, Shemisa says, “We have expand our portfolio of omni-channel services in the UAE and across the wider GCC. We are proud that our 800BinSina that is run by expert pharmacists and medical professionals who are always ready to answer any questions you may have over the phone or through online chat. We are also available at the most known delivery channels like Instashop, Talabat and Noon.

“In July we launched our app to reach you wherever you are in UAE with delivery and no minimum spend. Our customer care is our strength and pharmacists are our key drivers. Our target is to be a customer centric business and we are investing in our call centers to use our expertise. We are planning to add nutritionists and other resources to our team so that customers can easily access professionals with different specialties,” he says.

Health festival

BinSina will be hosting a Health Festival to celebrate health and wellness in the UAE. “The Health festival will bring back the focus on health. There will be loads of exciting initiatives that underline our commitment to provide community support with a range of fitness and safety measures, medicines and other products to keep UAE residents healthy, fit and safe,” says Shemisa. BinSina has proactively highlighted public safety messages during the pandemic, such as wearing masks, keeping safe distance, avoiding crowds and washing hands to protect everyone in the community.

“We need to choose a healthy lifestyle to boost our immunity. Eating health foods, exercising, sleeping well and using immunity-boosting supplements helps. We are responsible to fight this together and we need to begin with ourselves. So we have taken all measures to disinfect our stores, and we make sure every person in UAE has a pharmacy near him to help him fight the virus with the right advise and the best products,” says Shemisa.

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