Best Exercises to Do Daily at Home to Keep You Fit

Table of Contents

Exercising is critical to maintaining good health, and you must cultivate the habit of exercising daily. However, with the growing demand in our daily lives and the restriction due to coronavirus that has affected gym attendance, we need to find ways to keep fit and stay healthy at home. You may not need any equipment to maintain a workout routine from home with the right kind of exercises as would be discussed.

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Now here is some simple exercise you can add to your daily routine to keep fit:

1.  Push-ups

Push-ups are one of the easiest exercises you can do at home, and you do not need any workout tool. You will be using the weight of your body in this process, and it helps strengthen your chest and arm muscles and build up your cardio. It involves a simple process to get down and spread your arms apart while you push up and down. The number of times you do this will depend on your endurance or the routine you have planned out.

2.  The jumping jack

You should try the jumping jack or include it in your workout routine if you want a routine that affects all the body parts. It is suitable for the heart, helps you lose weight, helps you feel better, and improves mood.You can perform this workout routine by standing up straight, feet together, and hand on your side as your starting position. Then move simultaneously as you jump with your feet apart while clapping your hands, and as you come down, you will return to your starting position. Do this repeatedly until you get tired or get to the number of times required for your workout routine.

3.  Planking

If you want to improve your abs, you should consider the simple plank, and it does not require much. With planking, you will be enhancing your arms muscles and upper body strength, including strengthening your shoulder and back. You have to lay in a push-up position to perform this exercise, but with your elbow and toes keeping you from lying flat on the floor. Maintain that position as required and feel the effect on your arms to your back and feet. It is one of the best workout plans for your heart as a cardio routine and building up your arm strength.

4.  Squatting

Most of the workout routine involves strengthening the upper body, but squatting is best for lower body strength. It is simple to do, and you can do it everyday and anywhere, in the home and the office. Standing up straight, with your legs apart, assume you will sit down and come up again. Do this continuously till you feel tired or the number of times required.

You can combine all the exercises discussed above to get a routine or do them separately. It is better to change your workout, so you can combine the above exercises to have a different routine for each day to stay fit at home.