Atrium Health experts discuss President Trump’s COVID treatment

Doctors said the President received the steroid Dexamethasone—a medication commonly used for those with moderate to severe illness

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — After spending the weekend at Walter Reed Military Hospital, President Trump returned home to the White House on Monday. The President credited excellent treatment while hospitalized as one of the keys to his recovery.

Doctors at Atrium Health say President Trump received multiple treatments including an experimental antibody, Remdesivir, and a steroid known as Dexamethasone.

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“It works by decreasing the inflammation in someone’s body and in the case of the coronavirus infection it reduces the lung inflammation,” Dr. Lewis McCurdy said.

We’re told this same medication is used for many other coronavirus patients — especially those with moderate illness or who may have trouble breathing.

Atrium Health is also teaming up with Wake Forest to launch the Community COVID Research partnership.

“We are asking people to sign up for a study where you can report your symptoms on the daily basis,” Dr. McCurdy said.  “We can better understand what is happening in the Charlotte community so we can see trends and symptoms that are up ticking or down ticking.”

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Moving forward, Atrium Health said the ultimate goal is to develop a vaccine. 

Right now they have ongoing clinical trials, but as for the next step, doctors hope to start outpatient studies so patients who are not sick enough to be hospitalized can still receive the antibody medications and other treatments.

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