Ascension Providence and Scott and White Health Plan

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Ascension Providence and Ascension Medical Group Providence are pleased to announce Scott & White Health Plan can continue in-network access with Ascension Providence providers, healthcare clinics and all specialty care services. Earlier this year, we announced that Ascension Providence would be terminating from the Scott & White Health Plan, and since the announcement, we have listened to responses and concerns from patients, and we will no longer be terminating the agreement.

The health and safety of our community, patients and members is always our top priority, and has continued to be our priority throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The opportunity for individuals to continue accessing care with providers through the Scott & White Health Plan maximizes wellness and improves healthcare outcomes for our community.

“Ascension Providence’s agreement with Scott & White Health Plan ensures continuity of care with the providers they know and trust,” said Philip Patterson, President of Ascension Providence. “We are pleased to continue a long tradition of providing high-quality care for the Waco community, giving them the confidence to seek Ascension Providence’s networks of care when they need especially during the uncertainties of this pandemic

The agreement with Ascension Providence, Ascension Medical Group Providence and Scott & White Health Plan ensures a continuum of quality healthcare services for community members. This agreement allows members of the Scott & White Health Plan to retain seamless healthcare with the Ascension Providence health system. This community has many options when it comes to their health, and we want to continue to offer patients access to an extended group of medical providers who can best meet individuals’ health needs.

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