Apple Health app now consolidates patients’ medical records in UK, Canada


Apple’s has made the health records feature of its Health app available to the UK and Canada, starting with a handful of health care providers.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

iPhone users in the UK and Canada now have a central repository for all their health care information. The health records feature, which has been available in the US since 2018, collects medical records from multiple sources and consolidates it all within the Apple Health app. 

Oxford University Hospitals and Women’s College Hospital are two of the first health networks in the UK and Canada to participate, according to a release Wednesday from Apple. 

Apple says over 500 institutions representing 11,000 providers now support the health records feature in the US, which Apple hopes can save patients from the time and energy required to locate all their health data from multiple locations. Apple expects to add more UK and Canadian providers in the coming months.

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Apple has set the date for its next iPhone release, which is expected to include the rumored iPhone 12 with 5G, for Tuesday, October 13. Here’s everything we expect Apple to announce.

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