Answering the Top 5 Lip Enhancement Questions

The lips are one of the most expressive areas of the body. Not only that but they are also the part of the face that gets the most attention after the eyes. Considering how much we use our lips, whether it is to speak, eat, and drink, this really is not surprising. And this is why there are so many lip enhancement treatments that aim to accentuate the lips and make them more voluminous. 

Unfortunately, not many people know about this line of cosmetic solutions and miss out on some of the best lip enhancement treatments out there. This is why with the help of Manhattan’s MiracleFace MedSpa we are here to answer some of the most popular lip enhancement questions out there. From how dermal fillers can make them look bigger, to the average cost of lip flip NYC clinics charge, we need to have as much information on the treatments as possible to understand exactly what they do and how they can help us.

  • Who are lip enhancements for?

Many people ask this question and there are many layers to it. While on the outside it may seem like they are asking about who can be a candidate for the treatment, the real question here is who has access to these treatments. This question stems from the stigma that only rich individuals, as well as major public figures and celebrities, are the only ones who have access to lip enhancements and can afford them.

This is just not true. Lip enhancement treatments are performed by practitioners all across the country and many of them have great deals on a wide variety of their treatment plans. So you can easily find something that is not only exactly what you are looking for in terms of results, but also a treatment that fits your budget. It’s just a matter of looking in the right places and doing enough research.

  • Can lip enhancements be dangerous?

Anything you put in your body, whether it is medicine, food, drinks, and yes, cosmetic compounds, has the risk of producing adverse reactions in your body. This happens with almost anything you consume or put in your body. Fortunately, our bodies are not very fragile and our immune system keeps us healthy and strong.

When performed by a practitioner who has all the necessary training, education, and qualifications lip enhancements, as well as any other cosmetic treatment, is as safe as it can possibly be. The key here is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). They are a federal body that is responsible for checking any and all consumable products before they go into the market. All lip enhancement compounds must go through rigorous testing before they can be used in treatments.

Even if you do not trust your practitioner, even though with the right qualifications they are your best reference when it comes to cosmetic treatments, you can at the very least trust the FDA and their very strict regulations. So, the answer to this question is: yes, lip enhancements can be dangerous but they very rarely are in the right hands. 

  • How are lip enhancements performed?

There is no one answer to this question. There are all kinds of treatments out there and they all have different procedures which involve varying surgical steps. Many of the lip enhancements you will find in clinics today are performed using injections, making them minimally invasive. 

A compound is injected into the lips which makes them bigger and plumper gives them more symmetry and accentuates their shape. The advantage of having injections over other kinds of surgical procedures, which may involve incisions, is that injections heal a lot more easily and do so faster. This means that after the treatment, the recovery does not take too long and the side effects are minor. 

Whether it is a dermal filler or Botox injection, the microscopic hole caused by the injection heals almost instantaneously and leaves very little room for side effects. 

  • Do the results look natural?

For many people, the thought of having inauthentic-looking lips is not a pleasant idea. This is why lip enhancement treatments are performed in such a way so that the results look as natural as possible. Most patients feel very confident in how their lips look after the treatment and are always very comfortable with how well the lip enhancements worked. 

This is a very important aspect of not only lip enhancements, but pretty much any cosmetic treatment out there. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting cosmetic treatments to enhance or emphasize various aspects of your appearance, many people would prefer to keep their treatments low-key as for some it is a very personal matter, which is entirely understandable. 

Plump lips that do not lose their natural beauty is something that practitioners always strive to create with lip enhancements and looking at some before and after photos, you can see for yourself how effective they are at doing this. 

  • How much time does it take to see the results?

With everyone nowadays living in a constantly tight schedule, they rarely find the time to do anything, let alone get cosmetic treatments. Many people simply cannot spare a few extra weeks to get treated and stay at home as they wait for the side effects to subside. And yes: some cosmetic treatments will ask you to wait for some time. 

Most modern lip enhancements do not have to worry about this, as their recovery time is very short, with the side effects being very minor in nature. Many patients have reported that they saw positive results a week following the treatment and the side effects themselves go away in a couple of days, allowing them to return to their normal way of life. This means that not only are lip enhancement treatments going to cause you very little discomfort, but they also won’t take too much time out of your busy schedule to produce the results you are after.