Andreas Schauffert’s newly released “Healthy through Knowledge” is a potent guide filled with knowledgeable solutions that improve one’s health

MEADVILLE, Pa., Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “Healthy through Knowledge”: a well-conceived account containing health aspects that lead a person to attain sound well-being and vigor in life. “Healthy through Knowledge” is the creation of published author Andreas Schauffert, a devoted follower of Jesus Christ since the age of sixteen with an interest in spiritual, religious, and health matters.

Schauffert shares, “‘Healthy through knowledge’—a summary of health aspects like never before and you might have never been told or thought of. ‘Healthy through Knowledge’ enables people to take full control of their health based on the precise information in this book. Life is more complex than many people think, and ‘Healthy through Knowledge’ offers the reader a compass that always keeps the direction through the confusion of this time!

“For the first time in human history, the perfect diet is revealed with simple rules that apply to everyone and can easily be followed by any age group. Unheard-of rapid effects on the human organism have never been seen in human history. Permanent or long-lasting changes within minutes are possible. The path is open to everyone; now it can be walked.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Andreas Schauffert’s new book presents viable solutions that can aid individuals in their journey toward better health and purpose in life.

This book reveals efficacious diets that health-conscious people can utilize to improve their bodies and ultimately their entire lives.

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Consumers can purchase “Healthy through Knowledge” at traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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