An Unexpected Non-Perishable: Signed Trump Letter Inside Food-Aid Boxes

The letters are sparking outrage among advocates, and the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank is removing the letters. Other health news about the Trump administration is on visitors at federal prisons; the Navy SEAL ethos; and checking the facts on President Donald Trump’s COVID program for those who are uninsured.

The Washington Post:
Food Banks Are Removing The Signed Letter Trump Wanted To Include In Every Food-Aid Box 

Thirty-five days before the election, food assistance boxes, doled out at food banks around the country, are coming with a surprise: a signed letter from President Trump. Anti-hunger advocates and food bank workers are outraged, saying the move violates the Hatch Act and compromises relationships with the food-insecure Americans they serve. A letter in English and Spanish, on White House letterhead, exhorts needy Americans to wash hands and maintain social distance, closing with: “We will support Americans’ recovery every step of the way. Together we will overcome this challenge, and our Nation will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever before.” And then Trump’s distinctive signature. (Reiley and Bellware, 10/1)

The Philadelphia Inquirer:
Trump Includes Letter With Food Boxes To The Needy, Sparking Charges Of Politicizing Hunger

Along with apples and precooked pork, hunger fighters across America who distribute boxes of food from the federal government to those in need are discovering something unexpected inside each one: a letter from President Donald Trump. The letter, signed by the president, says, “I prioritized sending nutritious food from our farmers to our families in need throughout America. ”The so-called Coronavirus Food Assistance Program emergency food boxes are part of an effort to dispense food to help those hurt by the pandemic. They are also referred to as Farmers to Families Food Boxes. (Lubrano, 10/1)

In other news from the Trump administration —

The New York Times:
Federal Prisons Will Let Inmates Have Visitors During Pandemic 

Relatives and friends will be permitted once again to begin visiting inmates in federal prisons as of Saturday, six months after such visits were ended over concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. Federal prisons officials said they were resuming family visits based on “the importance for inmates to maintain relationships with friends and family,” and some relatives of inmates lauded the decision. (Turcotte and Seline, 10/1)

Trump Vows To Overturn ‘Ridiculous’ Gender-Neutral Navy SEAL Ethos

President Donald Trump vowed Thursday to reverse a move by the elite Navy SEALs to make its ethos gender neutral — marking the latest incursion by the commander in chief into the service’s operations. American Military News first reported on Monday that the Navy SEALs and the Navy Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen had changed their ethos and creed statements to remove words such as “man” and “brotherhood.” (O’Brien, 10/1)

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