5 Popular Fitness Trends in Norway

At the mention of Norway, the first picture that comes to mind is likely winter sports and the outdoors. Occupants of this exciting nation have a high percentage of fit adults among their lot; work routines, pastime activities, and even diets are tailored such that there is a balance of energy.

Though Norwegians are well known for the ‘friluftsliv’ approach to life, which entails an intense love of nature, and the outdoors, but the world knows little of the popular activities that make the outdoors a duty-free gym for Norwegians. Below are some of the fitness trends, peculiar to one of the happiest nations in the world.

1.    Baby Strolling

If you have the opportunity of visiting Norway sometime, the scenario I am about to describe is something you are likely to come across – A young woman, jogging with a baby stroller, and dressed in running gears.

Young nursing mothers in Norway would not let their newborns become an excuse for adding extra weight. So, some of these women would leave home, kitted in running gears, bringing along their baby for the stroll or jog.

2.    Plogging

All of Europe and Nordic countries have become front liners in the fight against climate change. To further strengthen their commitment to a cleaner earth, Norwegians have taken up a popular trend that originated in Sweden. Plogging involves picking up litters while jogging and recycling the same afterwards. Since most public spaces are adequately kept clean by the authorities, plogging enthusiasts make it a point to go jogging in forest areas and similar remote locations that are not easily accessible to cleaning personnel. Some ploggers even ply their trade on hiking trips to mountains and hilltops.

3.    Active Commuting

In most advanced economies of the world, the ubiquitous method of transportation is the automobile. High per capita automobile ownership is, however, low in Norway. As part of the effort of authorities in curbing the emission of greenhouse gases, transportation alternatives that foster cleaner air and environment are being encouraged. For this reason, it would be a common sight to notice the rush hour traffics consisting of people riding bicycles, walking to their destinations, or in some cases, jogging.

This trend has made fitness regimes a natural part of the everyday activities of the average Norwegian. Though there are still Norwich people who use automobiles regularly, the percentage of such are overwhelmingly small when compared to other developed nations.

4.    Skiing; winter and dry-land

The love of skiing in Norway cannot be overemphasized; the cold of winter is not enough deterrent to keep skiers in Norway from the outdoors. And with over 100 ski resorts open to visitors all through the skiing season, this becomes an excellent avenue to get the adrenaline pumping.

And when the sun is up, and the snow melted, the spirit of skiing cannot be dampened. Innovation has brought about the development of what is called dry-land skiing. Kits of roller skis are used on smooth roads with other protective gear, as they anticipate the return of winter.

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