3 Types of Real Estate Postcards

Sending out postcards may seem like an outdated technique, but there are benefits to this popular marketing technique. Instead of waiting for potential clients to stumble across an online ad or website, they can be reached directly at their homes. Postcards are customizable and can reach large numbers of people quickly.

1. Holiday

A great way to stay on a client’s radar is by sending out postcards a few times a year during holidays. Make sure that the time of year is considered before sending anything. A card sent in December may get lost in the holiday shuffle. To keep it fun and to keep them from being ignored, send postcards for real estate marketing out at less hectic holidays. Holiday postcards can have more leeway than other kinds, as they can be humorous, sentimental, patriotic or businesslike.

2. New Agent

Anyone who is just getting into the business of buying and selling properties will need to take the time to build a solid client list. Sending out postcards to potential customers can be a great way to get established in the desired area. Become a familiar name and face to people in order to build rapport before the relationship even begins.

3. Property Listings

If a mailing list of prospective buyers already exists, it is a great idea to send out postcards with a list of available properties to them. It not only keeps clients informed of their options but also keeps makes them likely to retain the services of the person or company sending them helpful information.

Being able to think creatively about how to entice clients is a must for anyone who is sales or marketing. Always keep an eye out for opportunities to connect with customers and stay on top of industry trends and the changing needs of the target demographic.